Individual Research for the Project

The history of the Suffragettes in Brighton



One hundred years ago Brighton’s streets, parks and venues were buzzing with suffragettes using attention-seeking tactics to raise the issue of votes for women. The Brighton Women’s Social & Political Union was one of the most active regional branches of the Pankhurst-led organisation, whose motto was ‘Deeds not Words’. Paid organisers lodged in suffragette-friendly boarding houses – such as Sea View at 14 Victoria Road – and recruited local women to the cause. Between 1907-1913 Brighton’s newspapers contain almost daily reports of suffragette antics.

A key tactic was for women to disrupt political meetings held at the Dome or Pavilion by repeatedly calling out questions concerning the vote. The Brighton Herald of 1907 reports unsympathetically on 18 women removed from the Dome using “gentle ju-jitsu” during a lecture by the Education Minister. The article mocks each woman in turn – one is described as having “a voice with a shrill squeak as though she were fleeing frightened from a nightmare of mice”, another “must have been crossed in love, or she would never have wasted her charms on the desert air of a Suffragette riot”.

By 1908 the government had resorted to barring women from Ministerial meetings but this didn’t deter the suffragettes. In January 1910 police extricated two women from inside the organ at the Dome, after they drew attention to their hiding place with a sneeze. The pair – Brighton-local Eva Bourne and high-profile activist Mary Leigh – had planned to leap from the organ during a talk that evening by anti-suffrage Prime Minister Herbert Asquith. The discovered women displayed a sparky sense of humour, as The Argus reports: “’We are thinking of bringing a counter-charge about the horribly dusty condition of the organ’, remarked one to an Inspector with a twinkle in her eye.”


email dialogue with Suzanne Triviere, the secretary of Brighton Women’s Equality Party


Research about Susie Courtault (one of our potential interviewees)


‘This truth is simple; there are many paths that lead to the Source of All’.

She is the founder of One Spirit Interfaith Foundation which is aimed to embraces the universal truth at the heart of all spiritual traditions.

The seminary promotes the values of reconciliation and compassion, honouring and supporting peace-making wherever it is needed in the world.




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