Week 10 Reading & Production Schedule

Ch 34 Editing: The End Game

The reason why we would need to editing is because there are too many footage that we don’t want and they are just not necessary to be put in the film. As some mistakes are occurs in those footage. During the process of  editing, we can spot out these mistakes that we don’t realize while we are filming and we can simply cut it away. If we do not do the editing, our film will just going to be a mess and no one will understand what we are talking about.

To start editing, we would first need to have a quick look of all our materials first and make a logging list. And then we would need to write down the length of all the footage, and identify which shots are the audiences will be interested in most. After that, we need to make a paper edit and make some notes of which shot would be put inside our documentary.


Here is our group paper edit.



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